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Texting Games to Play


In modern society, a common way to communicate is via text message.  When bored most people will engage in texting with family and friends.  To help pass time on a rainy day there are lots of texting games that one can play.  All of these games can be played with the abilities of normal cell… Reads more »

Types of Newspaper Design


Newspapers have existed for centuries. Their news can be different depending on the geography, target age and income, the politics of the newspaper management, also several others. They also differ in their design. Modern newspapers are seldom designed by hand, rather they use graphic design technology to organize content. A primary factor that sets the… Reads more »

Big Brother Observations: Week 3


Forgive the delay, I was on vacation So Long Paola and Joey –  We won’t see you again until the final episode when you will be sitting on losers row and will be lucky to have one question directed toward you.  Joey came in the house with a feminist mind and a goal to start an… Reads more »

Big Brother Observations: Week 1


All House Guests Are New –  Which I support because bringing back the old guests and their siblings had become tired.  The show is better when everyone is anonymous and new.  Frankie claims to have a famous sister but I’ve never heard of her.  Big Brother seems to be trending younger, 11 of the 16 contestants… Reads more »

Takeaways from Game of Thrones Episode 4:10


    Tyrion Kills Tywin –  I was wrong about Tyrion being executed!  I can’t make sense of why they would delay the death sentence, we’ve seen a handful of be-headings and they were all immediate, why a different procedure here?  It’s like when Dr. Evil left the ill tempered sea bass with lasers on… Reads more »

Takeaways from Game of Thrones Episode 4:9


We’re still Cliffhanging –  Like the Battle of the Blackwater, this whole episode was in one location.  This week was designed to build suspense for the other plot lines.  The upside was the ton of awesome and intense battle action.  But we have to wait a week to learn Tyrion’s fate.  This reminds me of… Reads more »

Takeaways from Game of Thrones Episode 4:8


        ***I have not read the books, opinions and predictions are based on tv version ***          The Mountain Won –  In a dramatic and bloody fashion that saw Prince Oberyn’s head crushed like a grape. Prince Oberyn eye-fu#*ed his girlfriend when he needed to focus on killing his… Reads more »

Takeaways from Game of Thrones Episode 4:7


    Goodbye Lysa –  You were just a pawn on Littlefinger’s chess board.  He had this planned out years ago, threatening Sansa’s life did not pushed him over the edge.  He has to nullify Tyrion’s marriage but I’m sure he’s 5 steps ahead of that issue.  Lysa was weak and gullible and should have… Reads more »

DVD Pick for the Film Buff

wolves poster

Big Bad Wolves Directed By :  Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado February is the doldrums of the movie season. Basically the studios make and market their prestige pictures to be released in November/December as to be eligible for the awards season and the avalanche of free marketing that entails. Sometimes these same studios know there ‘award’movie… Reads more »