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12 Day Grapefruit Diet Menu


Advocates for the twelve day grapefruit diet say that you are able to lose weight very quickly while still consuming the majority of what you enjoy eating.  Sure, the grapefruit diet has existed since the Great Depression, but there has never been a person that has claimed to be the creator.   Start with breakfast,… Reads more »

How to Get Water out of Ears


While swimming or taking a bath or shower water can enter your ear.  Infections are possible if the water stays in your ears for an extended period of time.  The eardrums can become damaged, which is very painful.  Here’s some ways to remove the water our of your ear canals.   Add a couple of… Reads more »

Homemade Repellent for Ticks


Ticks are be bothersome wild pests, they feast on the mammal blood, they possess and transfer various germs and Lyme disease. Lots of store bought products are geared to repel ticks, however many times expensive items and not as effective as this basic self made repellent. A simple homemade repellent can be made with a… Reads more »

Side Effects of Inhaling Bleach


Bleach is a popular household cleaner, used in kitchens, bathroom, laundry rooms and other areas of the home. Typically made of a solution containing chlorine, in liquid for it can whiten fabrics and remove mold.  And while it’s great at reducing the number of germs and bacteria on surfaces, household bleach also emits fumes that can… Reads more »

How Long Does Stomach Flu Last?


Stomach flu’s happen due to a viral infections inside your intestines and stomach. It is also known as “viral gastroenteritis.” Recovery Time: A stomach flu will normally lasts 1-3 days. One could improve their odds of a speedy recovery by only ingesting liquids and clear substances, like chicken broth, when you come down with the… Reads more »

How to Treat an Infected Tattoo


Tattoos are hugely common, very personal and have a level of risk.  As with all open wounds, tattoos will get infected if one neglects to use proper aide. Fortunately, countless individuals have tattoos, so there is a good idea about how to handle an infected tattoo.  Read below and educate yourself how to care for… Reads more »

How to Get Rid of a Hickey


S*^t happens, and an enthusiastic kiss can result in that notorious mark of love: a hickey. Sadly, there is not much that one can do for this situation. A hickey is simply a bruise, and like every bruise it will heal over time. However there are a few tricks that can have it fade quicker…. Reads more »

How to Kill Fleas with Oranges?


Sometimes flea medications are expensive or saturated with toxins. This domestic cure for dogs using orange peels to create an oil is a low cost and blanket method to get rid of fleas. Citrus oil can be applied to your dog and all affected indoor spaces. This method should never be used for cats, the… Reads more »

How does the Spleen Function?


The spleen is an internal organ, about the size of a baseball, found in the torso. The spleen functions as part of the immune system and adds to the addition and housing of blood cells as a piece of the circulatory system. However it is a major organ, it isn’t needed for human’s to live…. Reads more »

How you can Pee Faster


There are multiple things to do to help you pee faster. For medical purposes, such as high blood pressure to curb bloating, having to pee faster could be the answer for lots of individuals. Both kidneys and bladder have a big role in peeing, so discovering solutions that help them is a big part of… Reads more »