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The Cost of Concrete


Concrete Cost Factors Concrete costs vary by amount purchased, but the variables that influence the price. Creating concrete uses a lot of energy, so changes in the price of oil for the factory can make a big difference in the price of the concrete.  Being far away from the origin of raw materials will cause… Reads more »

How to Get a Proper Wheel Alignment?


Maintaining your automobile in great shape is beneficial for the planet and your bank account. Most people are responsible with getting their oil changes on time, but many do not do something equally as important, even when aware by obvious performance deficiencies. Having regular wheel alignments is a simple procedure and one that’s unexpectedly cheap,… Reads more »

4 Must-See TV Advertisement Costs

Fat Kid TV

The true cost of television advertising varies greatly.  Factors include the length of the ad, the time of day the ad runs, the TV network’s programming around the ad, and the size of the company buying the ad.  A business with a national presence is willing to spend more money on advertising than a local… Reads more »

4 Frugal Tips for Online Shopping

Don’t be a chump with your change.  People are shopping online more and more, including plenty of people who are neither internet savvy or as savvy with the internet as they think they are.  In order to save money, you should read this article.  Saving money is a huge goal for the modern person, so… Reads more »

Guide to Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday.  It’s the internet equivalent to Black Friday, except totally unnecessary.  The name is ridiculous, like some washed up screenwriter in the 1990s got hired by a marketing firm, and they all happened to fear and loathe those darn new computers.  The important thing about today is that there are a lot… Reads more »

What To Do With All Your Black Friday Leftovers

Black Friday has come and gone.  The day with the worst name in the 365 day calendar, Black Friday has left retail stores all over the nation in a tizzy of empty shelves and broken spirits.  Chances are, you or someone you know participated in the craziness and got some sweet deals.  That’s great, but… Reads more »

5 Tips for Holiday Shopping

The holidays are fast approaching.  You know what that means, right?  Vicious capitalist competitions, for the next two months.  It might seem to be the season of joy and family and such, but it’s also underpinned by the machinations of most companies to goose you out of your hard earned cash.  They get you to… Reads more »

How to Have a Productive Meeting

Meetings are the life blood of any company.  They get everyone on the same page and make sure that everyone has a set goal in mind for forwarding the goals of the company and the employees.  Meeting need to keep the attention of everyone involved.  No one wants a sitcom meeting where everyone is just… Reads more »