5 Spirit Animals and What They Mean


In this day & age, people are awash in layers and layers of technology.  With the entire globe within our reach, people are constantly finding new things about themselves.  A popular concept among soul searchers is that of a spirit animal.  The idea of a totem from nature representing your inner spirit is an appealing one, and there are many choices in the animal kingdom.  You might find yourself wondering what your animal means, and The Nation’s Journal is here to serve as your safari guide.


1. Lion

The lion has a reputation as a king, and that’s only partially correct.  The male lion is in fact a somewhat lazy animal, sitting around all day and feeling insecure about the younger cubs in the pride.  It’s the graceful lioness that actually roams the wild, hunting and gathering food.  So, if you’re a guy with a lion spirit, you have a good reputation but could do with some more activity.  A girl with a lion spirit gets stuff done.

2. Turtle

Turtle are the stand by guys of the animal kingdom.  If animals went to animal jail, turtles would be the ones to always bail them out.  But turtles are defensive creatures, and don’t like to let anyone in.  They like to take things slow, and get to know you first.  If you have a turtle spirit, you don’t like to be spontaneous.  You prefer to sit and wait, and like to avoid hard decisions.  However, if someone calls on you, you don’t hesitate to to answer them, even if you take a while.

3. Capybara

Capybaras are a South American rodent, and the largest rodents in the world.  As such, they don’t really know what to do with themselves.  They know they’re supposed to be smaller, but can’t really do anything about it.  They also eat a lot of grass, which they find palatable, though lacking.  If you have a capybara spirit, you’re one of those people that everyone notices, but never really has something to say to.  You’re often invited to parties, but no one knows who by. Spirit Animals are interested in these.

4. Shark

You know exactly what a shark is.  The perfectly evolved lean, mean, killing machine.  The underwater danger spotter.  Sharks can smell blood, and they go after it in force.  They’re the only animal that had to have a movie campaign waged against them.  If you have a shark spirit, you have rough skin (literal and metaphorical both).  You take what you want, but do so far better underwater.  You sharpen your teeth on the bones of the weak.

5. Sloth

Sloths are the globally loved couch surfers of the animal kingdom.  They are everyone’s lazy buddy who is pretty sure he’s living the life working at the pizza place and playing acoustic guitar.  Sloths don’t have anything to give, but they wouldn’t mind giving it if they did.  If you have a sloth spirit, you’re a sweetheart, and that’ll get you far.  People often finish sentences about you with “Bless your heart.”  You have a fraternity with other sloth spirits and love to go to each other’s concerts.